We Purchase Non-Performing Loan Portfolios

In addition to purchasing performing notes and loan obligations, our professional contract buyers are experts in assisting banks and other real estate lending institutions in liquidating their portfolios of Non-Performing Real Estate Loans.  Our buyers are currently purchasing both residential and commercial institutional loan portfolios of significant size in all 50 states.  If your institution has non-performing portfolio loans and you would like to liquidate this portfolio segment, contact us.  Our normal buying parameters are as follows...

Get a Confidential Portfolio Evaluation

Our contract buyers can provide you with a confidential evaluation regarding the sale of your Consumer or Commercial Non-Performing Real Estate Portfolios so that you can receive the LUMP SUM CASH your require. To have one of our underwriters contact you within 24 hours, just contact us to speak with a member of our underwriting staff or alternatively, complete our short quote form by clicking the "Get a Quote" icon at below.