Lump Sum Cash for Your Structured Settlement

Court Awarded Structured Settlements and Annuities are income streams paid by a life insurance company to compensate an injured individual as the result of a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice suit, wrongful death suit or other type of liability settlement.  As a result of injury or wrongful death, plaintiffs are commonly awarded very large settlements. Rather than receiving the settlement in a lump sum, however, the injured party most commonly receives the money as monthly installments in the form of an annuity.

At New York Brokering Note, we can provide holders of structured settlements who receive installments payable by insurance companies with a LUMP SUM CASH OUT to be used for...

Working with our experienced contract buyers insures you will a receive a quote for the maximum amount of LUMP SUM CASH when cashing out your Structured Settlement or annuity.  You may also elect to sell only a portion of your settlement or even sell just a set number of future monthly payments. To get a confidential quotation on the sale of your Structured Settlement, just click the "Get Quote" link below and complete our short online form.